About Les Vedettes

When my son Julian was born in 2015 I found it challenging to find nice boys clothes. Julian has a sensitive skin and especially for babies and little children the quality of fabric is important. In 2016 I've started selling CISS, a beautiful Belgian brand made of organic cotton. HAPPY HUMAN is one of their many quirky quotes.


The idea to start of a collection of my own with muslin cotton was alive since many years but I had to wait for the right moment. With Sophie on board, the DNA of Les Vedettes was created in 2021. The first collection was ready in February 2022.

Les Vedettes is about beautiful & comfy designs for kids, always with the focus on the quality of fabrics.

Les Vedettes means 'The Stars' or 'The Artists'.  All kids are stars or artists in some way, whether they like to sing, play football, or just be their own funny self.             

We've also launched some styles for women. Mothers can now match the outfit of their kids.

At Les Vedettes we work with high quality fabrics that are GOTS or OEKO-tex certified. This is what Les Vedettes stands for. 

We thrive to be sustainable at all levels; from the selection of fabrics, to the end product. During the production we apply a zero waste approach. Shopping bags, business cards, wrapping paper are all made of recycled materials. 

Have fun shopping!

Julie x