Enjoying summer almost all year round, this kids collection is mainly made of a light and soft muslin cotton. 

Whether your little vedette likes to relax at home, play barefoot in the sand or wants to go to a birthday party, this soft material is very comfy to wear.

As simplicity graces, a lot of designs are timeless. We also have more playful designs but each garment reflects the natural, organic look & feel which you can see in the colour or details like the straps or buttons made of coconut wood.

We thrive to work with natural and certified fabrics that are free from harmful chemicals. We love the purity of muslin cotton which comes in a beautiful soft earthy colour palette. 

On the left backside of each garment you find a small embroidered star, referring to the inner star of the vedette wearing it. All we want is for them to feel good in what they're wearing and to feel confident to show their personality, to let their inner star shine...